coffee-clubbers: Hi there Curlycris. Is shyness an imperfection?…


Hi there Curlycris. Is shyness an imperfection? I’m not really sure, but my shyness has been a burden sometimes and has held me back in some areas of my life. I’ve learned to accept it more now and live with it. Coffee club is a way for me to express myself in a manner i wouldn’t dream of doing elsewhere so it can feel like a sort of liberation from being shy. So here’s me not really being shy for a while. Oh, and I wish I had bigger boobs 😉 Love Robyn x

An imperfection can be whatever we think it is when it comes to ourselves! I am so happy that Coffee Club has given you a chance to express yourself in a way you normally wouldn’t. I too found it easier to reveal myself more and more when I found Coffee Club and it has been a blast since. 

Thanks for coming out of your shell and sharing today!!! -Curls 🙂